High-Waisted Body Shaper Shorts


Get Perfect Eyebrows!



I'm on my third pen and I love it! For years I used a small brush and mascara but it was inconsistent. My brows are so thin so I use a little brown eye shadow for a base but I have used it without the eye shadow and it works good that way too

Skyla Muller

Best eyebrow pencil ever! I'm in love! And the price! Unbeatable! I love how good this eyebrow pencil works and its affordable for everyone. I wanted to get microblading done but can't afford it. This is the next best thing! It actually looks like real eyebrow hair when you put it on. Crazy!

Frederique Walsh

Love! Lasts all day, even through sweaty workouts. Very very happy with this stuff. I do wish the product came out a little more so I didn't have to apply a few layers, but other than that it's great!

Lisette Hirthe

Omg I have been looking for a product like this ever since I got back from Korea. Honestly, this one is better than the Korean brand I was using because it’s more precise. This type of brow tint is really good for people who prefer a natural tint without trying to re-draw their eyebrows on with a gel. I hope they keep this product because I really prefer it.

Claudia McKenzie

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